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Walks & insta-shoots in Mitte and the surrounding area 9 Instagrammable Places in Berlin

With the beginning of spring, you can once again get out into the streets and green spaces of Berlin Mitte as well as the surrounding countryside. While enjoying the beautiful views and dreamlike scenes, why not capture Berlin’s sightseeing spots on camera and share them with loved ones via Instagram?


The All Time Classic: Victory Column and Victory Avenue

Artfully staged pictures of the famous Berlin Victory Column have been around ever since photography was invented. Needless to say, that a visit to one of Berlin’s most important landmarks is a given when looking for picturesque places in Germany’s capital. This holds especially true if you approach it from Victory Avenue, which is lined with blooming trees on both sides. Our tip: Climb the stairs onto the Victory Column Platform and capture the view from above.


Berlin Mitte: Tiergarten Park

If a walk along the busy Victory Avenue seems a bit too noisy for your taste, you can simply stroll through the Tiergarten Park and enjoy the view of the Victory Column from there. In addition, the park hosts many bridges across quiet waterways as well as charming restaurants and a couple of landmarks. In the southwest of the park, find the zoological gardens, where you can also get some magical winter pics.


Berlin Mitte 2: Museum Island

Berlin's Museum Island and the surrounding area not only offer short walks worth seeing, but also captivating photo motifs: e.g. the Lustgarten with the Altes Museum, the Berlin Cathedral, the Marx-Engels-Forum or the Nikolaikirche.


Friedrichshain: East Side Gallery

Take a walk in the footsteps of the past. At 1.3 kilometres, the East Side Gallery is the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall. Meanwhile, street artists have made their mark on the wall's surface with iconic graffiti. An art exhibition that you can easily combine with a stroll.


Charlottenburg: Schlossgarten Park

Let's move further away from Berlin Mitte towards the west of the city, because of course the magnificent Charlottenburg Palace Park should not be missing on our list.  A walk through the baroque palace park brings about royal feelings, even if you don't consider yourself a fan of the monarchy.


Lietzensee: Lakeside Esplanade

At any season, Lietzensee presents as a small and calm urban oasis, but especially in the springtime it’s truly magical. The lush green riverside passages, the flower heads peeking cautiously out of the earth. What better place for the first spring stroll could there be?


Northwest Berlin: Jungfernheide Park

The scenery of the Volkspark Jungfernheide is an instantly calming sight, with its old trees, wide clearings, quiet waterways, and an imposing water tower. Our advice for this beautiful hide away: Just go with the flow, enjoy the spring air and be inspired. The right Insta pics will find you, and the vastness of the park allows you to take as much time as you need.


Southwest Berlin: ’Pfaueninsel’

The landscape garden ‘Pfaueninsel’ is easily one of the most picturesque places in the entire city, and no one should be surprised it made the UNESCO World Heritage List. The white castle is a classic motif, as are riverside shots of the river Havel.


In Potsdam: Ruinenberg Hill

Potsdam is only a one-hour drive from Berlin Mitte and offers sensational sights no matter what time of the year. One of the general favorites during spring is Ruinenberg. The imitation of an ancient Roman ruin in front of the quiet winter setting makes for some great snapshots.





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