Living in THE HOUSE OF CO - quick introduction

What is THE HOUSE OF CO (and what is it not)? By definition, innovative concepts differ from familiar patterns. This fact already distinguishes it and at the same time, it brings challenges. People have to familiarize themselves with innovations, which takes time and psychological energy. We have made this experience, too. To simplify the "paradigm shift" in THE HOUSE OF CO away from conventional hotels, we collected the most frequently asked questions and presented them to our Property Manager Lisa.

Thank you for your time, Lisa, it was great talking to you today. Dealing with THE HOUSE OF CO every day, you know what makes THE HOUSE OF CO so special. But perhaps you'll explain to our future tenants the details of what they can expect. What sets the concept apart from a regular hotel, a serviced apartments or a boarding house?


Our claim is "Living comfort and privacy in your own apartment as well as community feeling in the shared living/dining area". So, we wanted to get away from the anonymous experience in hotels, serviced apartments or boarding houses. The hotel guests live next to each other, but usually have nothing to do with one another. However, we have made the experience that there are many people who would like to have more of a sense of community during their temporary stays. That's why we provide a large area in each of our co-living apartments for everyone to cook, eat and spend time together. This is an easy place to socialize, share ideas and make joint plans for trips, sightseeing tours, or other activities. If you prefer your peace and tranquility, you can always return to your own apartment. You don't even have to go out to cook or shower, because your individual apartment is fully equipped with kitchenette, bathroom and toilette.


Sounds like a temporary shared flat. Could one describe it like that?


On one hand, it's a very good description. At least, you live together with three or four people who are initially newcomers in one apartment, share a large kitchen, run into each other from time to time, get to know each other and occasionally do things together. On the other hand, tenants in THE HOUSE OF CO also have the luxury of not having to leave their own apartment if they wish. The traditional shared apartment doesn't offer that, because you can't use your own kitchenette or because there's only one bathroom.


Who is THE HOUSE OF CO targeting? To whom you would not recommend it?


We are addressing people who are moving for a (new) job in a new city for a longer period of time, for example on a project basis; but we also have students in our house. Our tenants come mostly from abroad, don't speak German and have no other connection. But immersing themselves completely in work or study is not healthy either. Instead, they can lay the foundation for a better work-life balance within the common spaces in THE HOUSE OF CO. Especially for our foreign tenants, we serve as the first point of contact in Berlin or even Germany, for example when it comes to administrative matters.

Of course, there is not only a temporary housing target group, but also young professionals who change jobs or start their careers and move to a new city. They like to use our apartments as a starting point for their apartment search and for weaving their social network.

When you are together with your family or partner, you don't necessarily need other people - even if you are familiar with the city and have many friends and people you know there. For this group we would not recommend THE HOUSE OF CO. Occasionally we offer apartments with beds that are also suitable for couples (1.4 m x 2 m), but usually the rooms are more suitable for one person.


You say you have young professionals on one side and students on the other side. I can imagine a lot of conflicts in the daily routines. Some are still out at night, while others have to get up early in the morning. How are the co-living apartments assigned?


It is indeed a challenge, but we try (depending on the possibility) to cluster tenants according to certain main criteria, such as whether someone is working or studying, what their lifestyle is (night owl or early bird) and so on. This creates various micro-communities of young professionals, apartments with students, shared apartments for young women only, and so forth.

So far, fortunately, this approach is working very well. Repeatedly, we hear from customers how real friendships have developed from these initial communities of purpose.

You have illustrated the basic community idea of THE HOUSE OF CO quite well, and also the fact that tenants can be for themselves at any time. In your experience, what dominates in reality? Is the concept accepted as planned or do tenants prefer to be alone?

In our experience, our tenants are definitely looking for our community feeling. It doesn't have to be every free minute and not every activity, but the majority of our tenants are already involved in the community in one way or another. I think very few people who prefer to stay alone all the time would not consciously choose THE HOUSE OF CO, and they shouldn't. Our tenants appreciate the opportunity to be among other people in a new city, to experience something together, and simply not to be so anonymous. Everyone knows the typical business hotels with their single rooms and "table for one" sitting in the breakfast area. We offer an alternative to this and our guests are happy to embrace it.


In what aspects do tenants still have to adjust compared to conventional accommodations?


Things are a bit more relaxed here than in a traditional hotel. For example, we are on first-name basis with each other, whether young or old, team member or tenant.

There is no classic reception desk either, but our THE HOUSE OF CO-manager is physically on site every day and is available as a contact person for all day-to-day issues. The best way to reach us is by e-mail or phone. There is always someone who can help.

I have already mentioned the community - those who prefer anonymity will probably be more happy in a hotel or serviced apartment house than with us.

In addition, we are focused on longer stays - customers can save a lot of money, especially compared to hotels. The booking is made easily via our completely digital booking process and apartment viewings can also be arranged in just a few seconds via the website.

Once we have all necessary information, the rental contract is concluded very easily. Within a very short time we can plan and realize the move-in.

Another advantage compared to a “normal residential” apartment is the cost transparency: Our customers pay a monthly all-in rent, including water, electricity and Internet.


Thank you Lisa, this is really useful information for anyone considering to move to THE HOUSE OF CO. Thank you very much! I'm sure there are still more questions you're always happy to answer, right?


Absolutely! To anyone interested in staying with us: Just give us a call or send an email.

Phone: +49 151 146 220 49


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