Single on Valentine's Day?

Single on Valentine's Day? Not a Problem in Berlin!

Many of the singles among us prefer to stay at home on 14 February for fear of all the lovebirds in the streets, at the movies, or in our favorite restaurants.

Luckily, you are staying in Berlin for this year’s Valentine's Day, and in Germany’s capital you’ll have plenty of things to do without a significant other. You can either avoid the cuddliness altogether or actively try to end your singlehood. Whichever group you find yourself in, here are some tips for Valentine’s weekend.


Never Single Again on Valentine's Day – Places to Fall in Love

You don’t like to be single any longer? At the same time, you're not a fan of dating apps or online dating sites? Don't worry, the hopeless romantics among us can fall in love non-virtually in Berlin, too.


· Speed dating: The old fashioned, offline version of Tinder is still very popular in Berlin. The biggest difference to dating apps: The other person can’t fool you as easily. So, if there’s a spark, it’s probably a real one.

· Art Events: There is, of course, a very colorful art scene in Berlin. Accordingly, barely one day goes by without a vernissage, exhibition, or other art event of some sort. It’s the perfect breeding ground for deep conversations with interesting people. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something more...

· Single parties: Throughout the year, numerous singles’ events happen in Berlin and hardly any other city can offer such a wide variety of themes, target groups, and locations.

· Singles bars: Obviously, you can also just go to one of the many singles bars in Berlin and see if something develops. The chances are good that you will meet a lot of singles there who are open for love on Valentine’s Day.

· Playing Cupid: Is there someone you like in THE HOUSE OF CO? Why not write him or her an old-fashioned Valentine's letter? Someone has to make the first move after all!


There’s an „I“ in Valentine’s Day – Singles’ Activities in Berlin

"Single on Valentine's Day" is a title you're happy to claim? You even think that Valentine's Day opens up unimagined possibilities for singles? In Berlin this is definitely the case, because there are plenty of romance-free spaces in the city.


· Take advantage of free slots at the Escape Rooms: Escape rooms in Berlin are so popular these days that some require you to book weeks in advance. However, on Valentine's Day even the busiest locations might have some open slots at short notice. Grab a few single friends and throw yourselves into one of Berlin’s many escape missions.

· Tour of Berlin’s most bizarre museums: Some cultural sights in Berlin are so unromantic that couples usually give them a wide berth on Valentine's Day. This creates more space and room for the city's singles. Have a look at the most peculiar museums in Berlin and plan your own little Valentine’s tour.

· Late work out at the gym: On Valentine's evening, with the restaurants overcrowded, it's worth going to the gym instead, where you will have plenty of space for yourself.

· Treat yourself to a spa day: If you prefer relaxation over working out to balance yourself, you could schedule a well-deserved day at the spa on 14 February.

· THE HOUSE OF CO – game night: You really don't want to leave the house on Valentine's Day? In that case, the best option might be a game night with your single flatmates at THE HOUSE OF CO. Just order some snacks, soft drinks and beer and let the fun begin!


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