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This is how to Co!

Everyone wants "Co" today.
"Co- Etc."


But no one really does it right. Quite often, there is only a random coexistence of people who do not know each other and depend on the functioning of a common area, the condition of which they then do not take care of.


Especially when you live together, the right mix of privacy and community is important. Different daily rhythms, habits and noise sensitivities must be taken into account. Because as much as we as humans are communal beings, we need privacy and individual space. For living and for working.


Through the intelligent layout of our "coliving flats" and the fully equipped individual apartments, THE HOUSE OF CO combines the privacy of a completely independent apartment of my own, where I can live and work, with the advantages of a shared flat: more space, social contacts, exchange; whenever I really want it.


Our team has years of experience in developing and operating micro living offerings and serviced apartments. Everything we have learned about living together under one roof, we have implemented in THE HOUSE OF CO.


We are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and tips.


You can reach us at:



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