14. 02. 2022

Single on Valentine's Day? Not a Problem in Berlin!

Many of the singles among us prefer to stay at home on 14 February for fear of all the lovebirds in the streets, at the movies, or in our favorite restaurants.

Luckily, you are staying in Berlin for this year’s Valentine's Day, and in Germany’s capital you’ll have plenty of things to do without a significant other. You can either avoid the cuddliness altogether or actively try to end your singlehood. Whichever group you find yourself in, here are some tips for Valentine’s weekend.

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10. 02. 2022

Oh, Sweet Melancholy

Isn’t winter just the perfect time for contemplation and mindfulness? The city of Berlin offers its residents and visitors a ton of places to sit back and slow down. While enjoying the beautiful views and dreamlike scenes, why not capture them on camera and share them with loved ones via Instagram? Check out seven of the most ‘Instagrammable’ winter spots in Berlin. 

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25. 01. 2022

What is HOUSE OF CO (and what is it not)?

By definition, innovative concepts differ from familiar patterns. This fact already distinguishes it and at the same time, it brings challenges. People have to familiarize themselves with innovations, which takes time and psychological energy. We have made this experience, too. To simplify the "paradigm shift" in HOUSE OF CO away from conventional hotels, we collected the most frequently asked questions and presented them to our Property Manager Lisa.

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