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08. 09. 2023

The best after-work events in Berlin

Work hard, party hard? From roller skating disco to gin tasting and indie concerts, discover the coolest after-work events in Berlin.

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17. 08. 2023

The 5 most beautiful parks and gardens in Munich

Whether it's a fairytale garden or a leisure oasis for sports and culture enthusiasts, Munich has beautiful green spaces for your day trip.

Discover our top 5 parks and gardens in Munich.

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23. 06. 2023

The 5 most romantic cafés for your first date in Berlin

Whether it's a Tinder match or a face-to-face meeting, these romantic café tips will increase your chances of meeting again.

Discover our top 5 most romantic cafes for your first date in Berlin.

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17. 05. 2023

The 9 most exotic restaurants in Berlin

Fancy a culinary world tour of Berlin? We show you the 9 most exotic restaurants, from Ethiopian to Filipino.

Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian or a fan of spicy cuisine - the culinary landscape is diverse and, above all, delicious!

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13. 04. 2023

The 6 most outstanding museums in Berlin

Ready to discover a new side of the capital city? Discover Berlin's outstanding museums and let yourself be inspired by magic, history and art.

Say goodbye to boring dates and the same old places – take your time in Berlin to the next level and look forward to exciting tips for special exhibitions.

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27. 02. 2023

When I grow up, I'm going to be a Young Professional

Berlin is the metropolis of young professionals. Many employers, good career opportunities and excellent universities - you can find all this in Berlin. But what makes young professionals and what is important to them?

Find out whether you meet the criteria of a young professional and find out what makes you so important to many employers.

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16. 12. 2022

Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

We wonder: could the notorious lack of success of New Year's resolutions be due to the fact that they often focus too much on self-optimisation? Fitter, healthier, richer, more beautiful - perhaps we crumble under our ambitious expectations.

Instead, how about doing everything differently before the turn of the year and start rethinking the New Year's resolutions themselves? What if we instead were to take care of others, of the environment, of our common future? And who knows - maybe we’ll feel better ourselves along the way!

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08. 12. 2022

Newbie’s Guide to Berlin Christmas Time

You've moved to Berlin and are spending Christmas in the capital? Congratulations, you couldn't be in a better place. In Berlin, you can quickly make friends over Christmas and experience eventful holidays. We have summarised the best tips for a great Christmas in Berlin for you.

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13. 10. 2022

Work-Life-Balance, Home-Office and a 4-Day Week: How the World of Work Is Changing

The typical career has had its days and with it a working life full of overtime, competition and attendance times. Instead, the question of the meaning of work life is coming more into focus. The boundaries between life and work are becoming more and more blurred, employees are gaining greater flexibility and compatibility between work and leisure increases.

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03. 06. 2022

For the sake of the environment - this is how you inhabit & protect the planet

„Many pennies make a dollar“ – this saying fits the climate crisis perfectly: while transport, the energy and production industry are considered the main sources of greenhouse gases, it is also every individual who needs electricity, consume goods and wants to be mobile. One person cutting back makes no difference, but millions of people living more consciously can make a huge difference. We show you ways to live urban and sustainable - for the sake of the planet and your health!

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14. 02. 2022

Single on Valentine's Day? Not a Problem in Berlin!

Many of the singles among us prefer to stay at home on 14 February for fear of all the lovebirds in the streets, at the movies, or in our favorite restaurants.

Luckily, you are staying in Berlin for this year’s Valentine's Day, and in Germany’s capital you’ll have plenty of things to do without a significant other. You can either avoid the cuddliness altogether or actively try to end your singlehood. Whichever group you find yourself in, here are some tips for Valentine’s weekend.

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10. 02. 2022

Walks & insta-shoots in Mitte and the surrounding area

With the beginning of spring, you can once again get out into the streets and green spaces of Berlin Mitte as well as the surrounding countryside. While enjoying the beautiful views and dreamlike scenes, why not capture Berlin’s sightseeing spots on camera and share them with loved ones via Instagram?

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25. 01. 2022

What is THE HOUSE OF CO (and what is it not)?

By definition, innovative concepts differ from familiar patterns. This fact already distinguishes it and at the same time, it brings challenges. People have to familiarize themselves with innovations, which takes time and psychological energy. We have made this experience, too. To simplify the "paradigm shift" in THE HOUSE OF CO away from conventional hotels, we collected the most frequently asked questions and presented them to our Property Manager Lisa.

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