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FAQs -Answers to frequently asked questions

Regarding your move into the property

How does the move-in procedure work if I (as a new tenant at THE HOUSE OF CO) arrive very late?

Not to worry – We have key safes at every entrance and the formalities can be settled quite easily on the next working day.

How fully equipped are the apartments? Do I need to bring anything with me when I move in?

Our apartments are fully furnished and ready for you to move in. Detailed information on what you will find in the apartment is provided here: https://www.house-of-co.com/der-ort/die-apartments

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period for the apartments?

At THE HOUSE OF CO, the minimum lease period is 6 months, including the legal notice period of 3 months. In general, your lease is open-ended.


Can I choose my flatmates in advance?

We will usually do this for you. We will (in as far as possible) try to select tenants based on certain fixed criteria, such as whether they are in employment, or students, what their lifestyle is like (night owls or early birds) and so on. Of course, you can also choose to rent a whole shared apartment for yourself and your friends/colleagues.

Do I have to register with the registration office in the city? (Anmeldung)

Yes, you have to. If you move into a new residence in Germany, you have to register with the registration authority within a period of two weeks. This registration has to be made in person. Upon your move into your new apartment, we will give you a confirmation document which you need to register with the authorities in the city. 

Do I have to pay the TV licence fees (GEZ) myself?

The following rule applies: A TV licence fee must be paid for every residence. There is an exception for secondary residences. We recommend that you contact the ARD ZDF-Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice (https://www.rundfunkbeitrag.de/), the TV licence fee service office, which will give you up-to-date information and advice on all topics regarding the TV licence fee in Germany.

Are other ancillary and service costs included in my rent?

Yes, your all-in rent includes all the ancillary costs for water, electricity and internet connection. You will not incur any further costs.

Which hygiene rules apply at THE HOUSE OF CO during the Covid-19 pandemic?

THE HOUSE OF CO team is fully vaccinated and is regularly tested. We largely work digitally and have completely ceased all communal events for the time being because of Covid-19. Moreover, we ask every tenant to assume responsibility and to comply with all the applicable Covid-19 rules - also in their own rooms.

What is the process for moving into my apartment?

During the move-in appointment, at which we will give you all the keys to your apartment, we will prepare a joint hand-over record. Of course, this signed record will be provided to you for your safe-keeping right away.

Regarding your stay

Do I have to clean my apartment myself? Can I also book a cleaning service?

Upon request, our facility manager can arrange a cleaning service for you. However, in general, the tenants are responsible for their own apartments.

Who cleans the common living/dining area in the co-living residential units?

The tenants of each co-living unit are responsible for their own communal spaces. In addition, the rooms that are for communal use are cleaned by our external cleaning service on a monthly basis. This service is free of charge for you.

Are there house rules that have to be complied with?

Yes, there are, and they are an integral component of your lease agreement. By signing the lease agreement, you undertake to comply with the house rules at all times.

Are guests allowed to stay overnight?

Yes, of course! Feel free to invite your friends to your apartment. There is just one rule: You are responsible for your guests and for ensuring that they comply with the house rules.

Can I hang up pictures?

You are welcome to decorate your apartment the way you like it. But please bear in mind that you have to return the apartment to its original state when you move out.

Are pets allowed?

To ensure fairness for all tenants of our co-living residential units we have to ask you not to bring any pets. We do, however, normally turn a blind eye to small pets that stay permanently in their cages.

Are washing machines and tumble driers available at the property?

Yes, there are washing machines and tumble driers in our laundry room. These can be used by the tenants for a small fee per washing cycle. The laundry room is operated by WeWash.

Can I book a cleaning and ironing service for my clothes?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you this service. However, every one of our co-living residential units has an iron and ironing board.

Where do I take my garbage?

You will find our garbage room in the underground car park, which is easy to reach from every entrance to the building. You are new with us and need a short tour showing the most important aspects of the building? Ask one of your co-tenants or contact our property manager on site.

Are there secure bicycle stands?

Our bicycle stands are located in the underground car park and in the inner courtyard. Please remember, however, that these do not have video surveillance. Therefore, we recommend that you safely lock your bike up at all times.

Can I park my car in the underground car park? How much is this per month?

We are pleased to offer you an underground parking space in the building. It is EUR 150.00 per month. Moreover, at the beginning of the lease, a one-off deposit of EUR 200.00 has to be paid. The minimum lease period for the parking space is 3 months.

How secure am I during my stay at THE HOUSE OF CO?

At THE HOUSE OF CO, we have installed solid front doors as well as apartment doors that do not only provide full insulation against noises from the outside but also permit secure locking of each individual residential unit. Moreover, you have an intercom system and a spyhole on every front door to ensure full control of access to the property and to your apartment.

How do I receive my mail?

Each one of the 43 co-living apartments at THE HOUSE OF CO has a joint mailbox. You will get access to this mailbox upon your move to the property. The staff on site will explain to you how exactly your mail should be addressed.

Where are parcels and packages left if I am not at home?

With a little luck, your co-tenants are at home and can receive your parcels – yet another advantage of co-living at THE HOUSE OF CO. 

How can I enter the house and my apartment if I lose my key or if my key is stolen?

During our business hours, we are on site and are pleased to help you solve this problem. In all other cases, we have an external locksmith service as a partner which is available at all times – for a fee. The contact data are shown on our notice board in the building.

Who do I contact if something in my apartment does not work?

You should contact our local team or write to us at service@house-of-co.com. Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Who do I call in an emergency?

In case of an emergency outside our regular business hours, please contact our emergency number directly at: +49 40 / 882155990

Caution: Please use the number only in really urgent cases such as:

-        in case of complete power failure,

-        in case of a complete failure of the heating system as well as

-        in the event of a water pipe breakage

Can I swap or change my apartment in the building if I do not like it?

Relocations within the building are possible at THE HOUSE OF CO. But please remember that we only have a limited number of apartments from the different categories available and can only offer you a swap if we have a suitable apartment available.

Regarding your moving out

How do I terminate the lease for the apartment?

You should send us a signed letter of notice in digital form. For your plans, please consider that, according to your lease agreement, a statutory period of notice of 3 months applies and you can only terminate as of the end of the respective month. After we have reviewed the letter of notice, we will send you a confirmation of termination.

Can I provide a new tenant?

This is only possible in exceptional cases and after consultation. In this case, you will receive an express confirmation from our property manager.

Can I sublet?

Please contact our Service Team regarding this. Subletting is always considered carefully.

How can I pay for damage to the apartment I have caused?

In such cases, please inform our property manager first. Usually, your personal liability insurance will cover the damage caused.

Is there a price list?

No, in the event that damage is proven to have been caused by you and that you do not have any liability insurance, the repair/replacement costs will be charged to you directly.

When will I get my deposit back?

If your apartment is tidy and has been accepted without any issues, we will, of course, try to take as little time as possible. We are legally obliged to repay the deposit to your account within a period of 6 months after you move out.

What do I have to bear in mind on the day I move out?

When you move out, please ensure that:

-        the entire equipment inventory is complete,

-        the apartment is properly cleaned and

-        all keys provided to you (as described in the hand-over record) are returned to us.

Will a moving-out statement be prepared?

Of course! Just like when you move in, we will again prepare a statement regarding the apartment’s condition when you are moving out. Afterwards, the moving-out statement will be sent to you by e-mail. 

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