6 outstanding museums in Berlin

The 6 most outstanding museums in Berlin

Your awe-inspiring excursion

Berlin is the seat of the German government, a cultural capital and a historical centre. It is also home to the largest number of museums of any city in Germany. The Natural History Museum, the Museum of Technology and the Museum Island are classics in any travel guide. But who wants to go off the beaten track when you can also experience something new and crazy?

Whether you’re looking for a magical first date, a historical trip with friends or a modern single trip – we have 6 outstanding museums for you that will not only boost your Insta feed, but also enrich you personally. Have a look, eh?


1. Illuseum – Museum of Illusions

In the digital world, the eye is trained on photos with filters and other illusions – but analogue illusions are truly amazing. At the Illuseum on Alexanderplatz you will be amazed. Discover more than 80 optical and haptic illusions. If you'd like to extend your Insta-shoots on a stroll through Berlin, you're in for a treat: Joining in and taking photos is strongly encouraged!


2. Museum flat WBS 70 – Insights into the GDR

Would you like to travel through time and visit a flat from GDR times? Then come to the museum flat WBS 70 in Hellersdorf and take a look at the last panel from 1986, furnished with original GDR furniture, appliances, pictures, books and objects – from salt shakers to typewriters. It's not just TV productions that like to use the flat as a backdrop. Indulge in some East German nostalgia and join an exclusive visit when the museum flat opens its doors to the public for two hours on Sundays.


3. Urban Nation – Street art by modern artists

Street art from Banksy to 1UP is not only to be found on the walls of London and Berlin. At the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art you will be inspired by modern art from all over the world. Here you can marvel at the emergence of a subculture in an interactive exhibition with 100 exhibits. By the way, the museum's wall is also regularly decorated with new murals.


4. Düppel Museum Village – Excursion into the Middle Ages

From modern times back to the Middle Ages. At Düppel Museum Village you can dive into the medieval village complex from the year 1200. Visit reconstructed dwellings, storage facilities and granaries from the inside and outside and explore medieval craftsmanship. Volunteers will show you how a blacksmith or weaver worked. How about a round of spear throwing and a campfire stick of bread? If you prefer something more classic, treat yourself to a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the museum kitchen.


5. Polyrama – Story of my life

Polyrama shows just how unusual a personal biography can be. The museum for life stories opened in March 2023. Interviews, photographs from childhood to the present day and individual narratives are the material for extraordinary stories that inspire and shape our culture. Discover for yourself what experiences and perspectives make up a unique life story.


6. Magicum – a magical visit

Not only Harry Potter fans will enjoy the magical world of the Magicum in Berlin's Scheunenviertel. Crystal balls, witches' chariots, samurai swords and totem masks from all over the world are on display over 600 square metres. Wander through the labyrinthine rooms, learn more about witchcraft, alchemy and geomancy, and ignite your own magic skills at a workshop. Abracadabra!

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