Young Professionals in Berlin

When I grow up, I'm going to be a Young Professional

In the past, there were answers like firefighter or teacher to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. But times have changed and, accordingly, so have ideas about one’s professional future. Those who want to get ahead in the age of digitalization are looking to degree programs in business and finance, media and communication studies or IT. And above all, "business" or "management" courses are more in demand than ever.

It's no surprise that a metropolis like Berlin is attracting more and more young professionals – or those who want to become one. The reason: Berlin combines some of the country's best universities and colleges with a huge number of large and successful companies. Perfect conditions for taking the first steps toward an aspiring career.


How to be a Young Professional

If you think that you automatically earn the title of being a young professional by completing your studies, you are mistaken. As the name suggests, a young professional is not only young – but also professional. And for this, you need to meet several requirements.


Final grade:

You have a good degree? As a young professional, "good" is not enough. Something between “very good” and “outstanding” is the benchmark to become a young professional. This should be evidenced by your final grade.



You should also have gained your first professional experience in the form of internships – ideally at companies with a big name. The better known the company, the more valuable your experience for your later employers.


Stay abroad:

Also, the experience of a stay or semester abroad should complete your cv. Here by you can improve your language and intercultural skills and gain insights into the ways of working in other countries.


Language skills:

While many courses for young professionals are in English, any other foreign language will set you apart from your competitors. And also highlight your strong ambitions and your ability to learn.


Soft Skills:

No matter how much knowledge you have, it can't make up for qualities like ambition, empathy and the ability for teamwork. Good networking brings you useful contacts and increases your communication skills, too.


Young Professional – a completely new lifestyle

To meet all these high demands, you also need the right environment. The right life. The right community. A lifestyle characterized by flexibility. For young professionals, career comes first. Settling down and planning a family are future considerations. Currently more important is the personal development, building on strengths, gaining experience and professional success.

You don't stay long in one place. You expand your knowledge through changing fields of work and employers. You enjoy an exciting lifestyle in the world's capitals and build a network of like-minded people. That's exactly what makes you so important to many companies as a young professional. The unquenchable thirst for "more".



The basics are clear – but what about the conditions around it? If you move often, you also need a new apartment, new furniture and new contacts on a regular basis. As much space as work takes up, you certainly want to spend your free time with the right people. That's why planning your move and building up contacts are on top of a young professional's to-do list.

THE HOUSE OF CO offers the ideal solution: A furnished apartment with everything you need for the next few months or semesters. And a co-working area for remote working and exchanging ideas. In the evening, you can enjoy a well-deserved after-work drink with your new community in the courtyard, and if you feel more like relaxing after a long day at work, you have the perfect retreat in your own apartment.

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